Mission Center, Harlingen, TX

Our Harlingen mission facilities is a humble mission center that holds 105 beds. We have 2 girls dorms and 2 boys dorms and also a couple of smaller rooms that can be used for a husband and wife or leadership. This facility was originally a public school that we converted into our mission center. In addition to the dorms and kitchen facilities we have a church where we hold Sunday morning and Wednesday night church services and it can also be used for you to minister to your group. We also have a conference room that is good for up to 40 people. Our dorms, chapel, kitchen and conference room are air-conditioned. We are equipped to feed teams on our facilities or it is possible to visit the local restaurants. The grounds are beautiful with a lot of trees and flowering plants and a very special walk where you can go and spend time with the Lord. We have a curfew of 11:00 pm and we have a number of full-time staff on the facility ready to help you and your team.

Ministry Headquarters

This facility houses our offices, warehouse, prayer room and a chapel. It is 187,000 sq. ft. Our warehouse serves over 2,600 other ministries besides our own as we receive food, clothing and many other things. We ship containers out of the warehouse to various areas in Africa, Central America and Haiti. Many local churches also come to the warehouse to receive needed supplies to help the people in their areas. We have about 20 full-time missionaries serving the Lord in this warehouse and taking care of the needs of the local people. Our warehouse is home to a local food bank serving many needy families in our community. As well as sharing the physical blessings of the Lord we are always sharing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. The Relentless House of Prayer meets twice a week here to intercede for Way of the Cross and the needs of people throughout the world.

Gateway Camp, Buenas Aries, Tamulipas, Mexico

Located just 8 minutes from the US border into Mexico (a 30-minute drive from the Valley International Airport in Harlingen, TX), our Gateway Camp, located on 32 acres, is a safe oasis for your mission team. Whether you use it for a conference, spiritual retreat, or as a base for a short-term mission team, the camp has all the necessities your team will require and a lot of extras your leadership can use at their discretion. Along with a beautiful chapel for services, an ample kitchen, and separate housing for leadership, the camp will also hold a group of 250 people in air conditioned comfort. The extras include a basketball court, a zip line, a pond with a boat, and our newest addition, a well-lit pathway throughout the camp that will minister to your team as they use it. We have full-time staff on the camp to make sure your team has everything they need. All you need to bring are a pillow, blanket, sheet, and towel! Transportation to the camp from the US will be in 15 passenger vans. If you choose to drive yourself, Mexico insurance can be purchased for about $20 per day and we can help you get that ahead of time. Take a tour!

Aldama, Mexico Mission Center

This mission center is located in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains and is absolutely beautiful. The camp is about 8 miles from the closest city and it is a wonderful place for you and your mission team to pull closer to the Lord. You can truly feel the peace of the Lord here. There is a beautiful chapel, kitchen facility and dorms that will easily hold 60 people (more if needed).  We have a place for you to have a campfire at night for devotions, praise and worship or just to relax. The ministry in the area surrounding the camp is tremendous. The area is mostly small farming villages called ejidos. As you travel farther into the mountains you will find many of these villages are like stepping back in time 50 years. There are many ministry opportunities for youth and adult groups such as construction projects and vacation Bible School as well as opportunities to work with local pastors, get to know the people and make a sustainable difference in the villages and the lives of the people there. Take a tour!

San Fernando Orphanage

Our orphanage, located on the outskirts of San Fernando, Mexico, is available for groups of up to 25 people. Presently, there are 15 children living there that love to work with US teams, and believe me, they’re a joy and blessing to be around! The orphanage is situated on 16 acres of land, so there’s plenty of space for local events. There are also many opportunities for ministry in the small surrounding villages. While there, your team will be housed in air conditioned, efficiency style apartments. The kitchen, while humble, is adequate for your team, and the Mexican food on the camp is awesome. There are plenty of other dining options in town as well. According to Mexican government regulations, the orphanage is at maximum capacity right now, but with the construction of some more facilities, it could house more children. To find out how you can help, or to learn more about the orphanage, click here!  Take a tour!

Shiloh Base Camp

This base camp is located in Masaya, Nicaragua, about 45 minutes from the Managua airport. It is located on about an acre of land and offers girls and boys dorms (each house about 24 people and are air-conditioned) a kitchen facility, chapel and staff housing. We have about 20 full time staff living on the camp who work with groups from the U.S. but also continue to minister, partner with local churches and continue the work after your group has gone home. The camp is completely gated, and is a beautiful and safe base for you and your group as you minister in Nicaragua.