In all of our mission trips, your team will help build the community up around them, from community projects such as vbs, construction, and helping the people we serve better their lives. They will meet other kids and families and see firsthand what the love of Christ can do.


We offer trips on the US border (at our Harlingen, Texas location and our Gateway Camp in Matamoros, Mexico), Aldama and San Fernando, Mexico, and in Nicaragua.

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We have a heart to challenge the youth who come to us to step out of their comfort zone and share their gift- whether it be music, teaching kids about Jesus, playing sports, or serving the community by participating in construction projects, handing out food or clothing and more!


Big Feed 2018

        BIG FEED 2018 Where: Matamoros, Mexico When: December 27th - 29th, 2018  30 years ago, we started the Big Feed because we saw that there was a great desperation in people during the time between Christmas and New Year’s. The very poor areas of Matamoros,...

Genesis Project Mexico Short Term Mission

Genesis Project Mexico Short-Term Mission We named it Genesis because we see everything new. Building relationships, Building houses, Building the kingdom. Most of the local people in Mexico call this the invasion colony. Meaning that people come in and lay claim on a...


  MedFest Where: Matamoros, Mexico When: January 16-22, 2019 We would like you to come and be a part of this amazing medical mission trip. We have been doing this event for over 10 years. We have medical people from all over the U.S. come to serve the Lord on the...

Missionary Training School 2018

  MISSIONARY TRAINING SCHOOL 2018 Where: Shiloh Base Camp, Las Conchitas, Nicaragua When:   October 15- Nov. 10  Where:Base Camp Gateway in Buenos Aires, Mexico  When: October 1-27 in Mexico Our vision and purpose is to prepare our students for full-time service to...

Genuine Partnerships

We believe in the local church. We are a conduit that God uses to bring local indigenous churches to partner alongside the US ministries that we assist in serving their communities during your mission trip.

Long-Term Relationships

We desire a long-term relationship with our indigenous churches, as well as our US mission teams. We work hard to build lasting relationships between your mission team and the local church, serving side-by-side throughout the week and in the years to come.

Sustainable Ministry

As we join together with the local indigenous churches we want each mission trip to have a lasting impact. We work hard to customize the mission trips of each short-term team, matching their gifts and abilities to be able to help and meet the needs of the local churches. This ensures that the work will grow and we will grow with it.


We have a desire to help change the community and the church through helping the local schools and meeting some of the community’s needs.  We believe by doing this it helps to build the local church and make it prosper in the community.