MEDFEST 2024   

Where: Nicaragua

When: April 19-24, 2024

We want to talk to you about Med Fest this year.

It’s a medical event that we do every year. This year it will be in Nicaragua.

Way of the Cross staff are very excited and we are in the process of preparing.

Many of you know we have a new base camp called the Gateway just 7 minutes across the border from Harlingen, Texas. We purchased this camp last year and have been working on the renovations. The camp is complete and is absolutely beautiful.

Med Fest this year will be on the camp. We have 32 acres of ground and has ideal facilities for doing the medical, midway of games, evangelism, bicycle repair and many other things as the Lord leads. Oscar Brooks will be heading up pastoral training and preaching to us every day.

Our camp is surrounded by many small country villages. Mostly a farming community and extremely poor. Medical attention is not readily available to these people. Some of you may have heard us talk about the squatter’s camp in Matamoros. The people in this area are in desperate poverty. We will transport the people from this area to the camp by bus. This will be a great experience for these folks because many never get a chance to get their medical needs met and they will have a lot of fun in the process.

We will be building a small church not too far from the camp. If you have construction skills, we need you. If you want to share Jesus and work with the kids. The camp will be full of children. If you have a desire to teach pastors, we will invite the local pastors to come on the camp and receive pastoral training as well as help us with the people. We will also offer bicycle repair to the local villagers as you know bicycles are a mainstay of transportation. They are always in need of repairing, so bring your tools and come on.

This is a great opportunity for you to make a difference in the kingdom, and bless those that need a blessing. This is a mission trip where any skills you have are welcome.

This might possibly be the most exciting Med Fest you have ever attended or will attend!

God bless you,
Brother Ben
Director of Way of the Cross Ministry International

The Details


 DATE: 4/19-4/24, 2024




COST: $850

($100 DEPOSIT DUE BY 3/1/2024