We have full-time missionary positions available.

Full time missionary requirements:

  • You must have a born-again relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • You need to have a heartfelt call to serve with Way of the Cross.
  • You must have a burden for the lost.
  • You must successfully pass a background check. We work with many short-term missionaries and it is our desire to keep all of our staff pure.
  • We tolerate no drugs, alcohol or anything that might be mind altering. We expect your behavior to be godlike on and off the field.
  • You must be a self-starter and hard-working.
  • If your family comes with you to Way of the Cross they should also have a heart for serving the Lord. We will set up a personal interview with you and your family.
  • Your education is not that important to us. Your calling and walk are. We believe that if you are called here, God will equip you to do what he called you to do.
  • You are required to raise your own personal support.
  • Way of the Cross does not provide you any financial support. Way of the Cross takes the attitude, if God is truly calling you he will provide for you.
  • You are allowed to come and serve without being fully funded. We have watched God supply for our missionary’s time and time again.
  • Way of the Cross provides housing and utilities for our missionaries on the compound. Our facilities are small but very serviceable.
  • If you choose to live off our facility, we do not make any provisions for housing or utilities.
  • We do not provide any medical benefits.
  • Age requirements: in most cases you need to be at least 18 years old. We have many people in the ministry that are in their 70s and doing a great work for the Lord. We do not discriminate against age. All we ask is that you be in good health to do the work God calls you to do.
  • We have unity and love for each other, as we serve the Lord together.
  • We will not tolerant backbiting, complaining, talking poorly about the ministry, or someone that would cause discord. We have no problems with you bringing a problem to the leaders.

Way of the cross ministries is not a place to kick back and relax. We are busy about our Father’s business and if you join us, we expect you to have the same heart.