Harlingen Mission Facilities

Our Harlingen mission facilities is a humble mission center that holds 105 beds. We have 2 girls dorms and 2 boys dorms and also a couple of smaller rooms that can be used for a husband and wife or leadership. This facility was originally a public school that we converted into our mission center. In addition to the dorms and kitchen facilities we have a church where we hold Sunday morning and Wednesday night church services and it can also be used for you to minister to your group. We also have a conference room that is good for up to 40 people. Our dorms, chapel, kitchen and conference room are air-conditioned. We are equipped to feed teams on our facilities or it is possible to visit the local restaurants. The grounds are beautiful with a lot of trees and flowering plants and a very special walk where you can go and spend time with the Lord. We have a curfew of 11:00 pm and we have a number of full-time staff on the facility ready to help you and your team.