Extreme Mexico Mountain Man Mission

Location: Aldama, Mexico in the village of El Plomo

Description: Your team will travel to our base camp in Aldama, Mexico from our Harlingen, TX base. It takes about a day to travel to the camp and get settled in. The next day we will travel to El Plomo and should arrive there by noon to set up camp. There is adequate rom to pitch tents and there is a small church there that can be used for sleeping as well. This area is very secluded, and will make you feel like you have stepped back in time and are on the last frontier. You will get to listen to Gustavo, a mountain man, help us bring the Gospel to his village. For many years he hunted big Jaguar that roams in the area and he loves to teach people how to call Jaguars and share many of his fascinating stories about his culture.

In the mornings we will have morning devotions in a beautiful area down in the canyon before we start the Lord’s work for the day. There is a great need for discipleship in the area. There is a small school and the teachers are allowing us to come and work with the children and we will also invite the adults for daily training. We will also be doing some work on the public school with some construction work and painting. In the evening we will invite all the people of the village for movies, shown by projector, and also have a time for testimonies and the Gospel message.

Your team may have an opportunity to do a little exploring, and back-pack to see some ruins in the area.

This trip is extreme, but the rewards will be life-changing. The area is a beautiful one of Mexico to explore and to spend time serving the Lord.


  1. The cost of this trip is $600 and covers all costs of your trip as well as providing the finances to improve the community and the church.

  2. When we are at our Aldama base camp we will have cooking facilities and will provide all of your hot meals, but when we get in the mountains you will probably be dining on MREs military style

  3. We will be staying up in the village for 2 nights we will have mission field type showers as well as two outhouses for your use.

  4. The team size needs to be at least 10 or more

  5. you will need a passport for this trip and a Mexico seven-day visa (free of cost).