In 1998 it was apparent that if we were going to continue to grow we would need housing for staff. We had staff families with children living in the dorms at the training center. We also had a desire to have housing for families coming on short-term missions trips. This had been a matter of prayer for many years.

While out cruising Ben drove by an abandoned travel court on business highway 77. It had been empty for quite sometime and it was a mess. It would take a lot of work to get if fit to live, which meant it had everything it needed to qualify it for a WOTC facility. After investigating we found out that a bank owned the property, which they foreclosed on. After lots of prayer we decided to make an offer of $120,000.00 dollars for the property and the offer was accepted.

We were to close in late November 1998 and our plans were to use the volunteers that would come to the Big Feed to clean the place up and get us down the road on fixing it up. Just before time to close the realtor called and said the deal was off and that another offer had been accepted. This was very strange to us since we had a signed agreement on the offer we made. We determined that it was not God’s will for us to have the property and after much disappointment we forgot all about the motel. We started budgeting money for the year 1999 and started moving on with plans. We continued to pray for staff housing but with no answer in site. In late spring 1999 the realtor called and told us the other offer had fell through and wanted to know if were still interested in the property. In June 1999 we purchased a beautiful facility that should give us room to grow for years to come.

The facility has 27 motel style rooms with most having kitchenettes and a building containing 14 one bedroom apartments. The first staff member to move in was the Miguel Munoz family. They had been living with two children in the dorm’s for over a year. Cindy was pregnant and after the baby was born she went home to a new home with a private bath. All the staff celebrated with them as we all knew that once again God had preformed another miracle at Way of the Cross.

With the arrival of families to join the WOTC staff brought the need for a school. So what was the registration area along with the area where the motel manager lived became the WOTC School. The Lord sent a principal with all the knowledge and credentials to get everything started.


Have we ever grown! The remodeling is all but finished and the facility is full of WOTC full time missionaries and their families. What was once a run down area of town has now been revitalized with new homes and duplexes to the North and South of our facility. A new restaurant to the West has replaced the old dilapidated trailer park.

The school for the missionary’s children continues to turn out students who excel in the states standard testing. The Lord has blessed us with many loving and caring teachers who love the children and desire to teach them to grow spiritually and physically.

Once again the Lord proved His faithfulness by allowing us to buy a facility that was used up by man and no one else wanted. He then furnished the funds to make the purchase and the volunteers to come and make the facility into what it is today. Not only is the facility full but it has become quite a community of loving and caring people who live, worship, work and have fun together. The motel has become a lighthouse where darkness had taken over. We want to thank the Lord and all of our faithful partners who have prayed and sacrificed to make the WOTC Staff Housing Facility a great place to live.