Way of the Cross began in 1988 with a small group of men ministering just across the border in Mexico. A lot has changed over the years, but two things have always burdened our hearts: people’s need for Jesus and people’s need for the very basic of necessities. From those early days ministering in Mexico to our current ministry with over 80 full-time missionaries working throughout the U.S., Mexico and Nicaragua, we have seen severe hunger and we have always done what we can to help.

In the past year we have distributed over 1,224,000 meals in Nicaragua, over 2,360,000 meals in Mexico and over 1 million meals in the United States. The need in these countries is so great. In many of the rural areas of Nicaragua we see people struggling to provide just one meal a day for their families. Many times moms and dads have to use every Cordova they get just to give their kids a plate of rice of beans at night, and many times this means they do not have money to send their children to school. It is a terrible cycle of poverty that keeps them hungry and fighting for every scrap of food.

Every time we minister to people we also give them food. Much of the food we give away has been donated to us but the shipping cost is great. One container costs between $8,000.00 and $10,000.00. Each container holds 42,500 pounds of food and feeds 255,000 meals. We would love for you to be a part of feeding the hungry in Nicaragua, Mexico or the United States by helping us with these container fees. We figured that on average $30.00 will feed 150 meals or take care of a family of 5, giving them 2 meals a day for a little over 2 weeks. It isn’t much for you and I, but it is health, life and hope to the poor we feed.