One of the most exciting parts of the ministry is the Short Term Missionaries. Way of the Cross is dependent on individuals like you who will come and share their time in the ministry. Way of the Cross is a conduit for those to whom God has called to get personally involved with missions. We strive to maintain an atmosphere where you can come and learn more about our Father, learn more about yourself and have an opportunity to share JESUS with a lost and dying person in a place you have never been and with those you have never met.

The most common response we hear from those who have chosen to come and be involved in the work is “We have never been closer to the Lord, prayed so much, worked so hard, been so tired and been as blessed as we have during the time we have been at Way of the Cross. It has changed our lives we will never be the same.” We hope you will take time to pray about coming as an individual or as part of a group to be a part of all the exciting things that the Lord is doing here at the ministry.