We would like to invite you to come to the Big Feed this year. We will be doing the Big Feed in a new area, a huge squatter’s camp we have been working in that we call the Genesis Project. The Lord is moving in this area in a powerful way. There are already 1000 little shacks built in this area with many more coming. Above is a short video clip that shows the area and what we are hoping to do.

The Big Feed will take place the 27th, 28th and 29th of December 2017, though you are welcome to come the night before. The cost is $185 per person, which pays for your food, room and board and helps us buy the chicken.

As well as doing the Big Feed, we are going to be building some small 10’ x 20’ houses. We just built one last week, and though it is not big, it is safe and secure. Our hope is to build six tiny houses during the Big Feed this year. We will build the homes higher than normal because of the floodwaters in the area, as you can see by the photos. These houses cost about $2100 each. The need is so great and we have a number of families we would love to get up off the ground, and give them somewhere safe to stay. We prefab the tiny houses so they can be built easily in two days. If you have any interest in helping us to build one of the tiny houses, it would be a great blessing. Also we are looking for people to bring or send down gallon Ziploc gift bags that can be given out to the kids during this event.

God Bless You,
Brother Ben
Director, Way of the Cross International  or