Where: Matamoros, Mexico

When: December 27th – 29th, 2016


Join us this December for the Big Feed in Matamoros, Mexico to share the Gospel and feed the poor. It is Way of the Cross’ longest running event and still one of our favorites. We work with local pastors to set up booths to play games, give away prizes and share the Gospel with the local people. In the early morning hours we begin grilling 4,500 pounds of chicken to be able to feed over 10,000 people. All day the Big Feed grounds will be filled with music, laughter, anticipation and a crowd you won’t soon forget. By around 3:00 we line everyone up to get a plate with chicken, beans and a gift bag for the kids. Many of the people go home with their arms full of prizes and chicken, but the best part is knowing that many of them go home with a new hope in Jesus. It is an amazing event you don’t want to miss!