Genesis Project Mexico Short-Term Mission

We named it Genesis because we see everything new.

Building relationships, Building houses, Building the kingdom.

Most of the local people in Mexico call this the invasion colony. Meaning that people come in and lay claim on a property that did not belong to them. With the massive amount of people that came in – it was hard for the local police department to remove them.

In Mexico they have a special division to deal with such things. Basically the attitude that is taken is the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the one. Which is, the property owners desire is overruled. It is a long complicated process but eventually the people that come in and squatted on the property will receive papers of ownership and start making small monthly payments. Eventually the landowner will receive his money but it all takes time. The local people call these “parachuters” because they just drop in.

This area now has a huge amount of people that has claimed a piece of land and have built a little shack of some kind on it. Once this process starts it is necessary to have someone on the land at all times, otherwise someone else can take it.

Right now there are about 1100 houses or shacks in this area and growing unbelievably fast. Over a year ago we built a new church in the area, which was the first one. The church has been very successful. We are also building small houses to get the people up off the dirt floor. The need is so great here. As well as building projects we are busy sharing the gospel. We are concerned with their physical needs for food and medical. We help with food, blankets and clothing. We have helped them with some medical needs as well and hope to do more.

If you’re not careful the need would overwhelm you. So all we can do is piece by piece, family by family, need by need.

The Lord allowed us to share Jesus with the president of this area. She has worked very hard to point out the greatest needs in the area for the people.

In September we will be building a clinic in the area. The local government has offered to help with the medical needs of the people, if they had a building.

We would ask you to consider joining us doing a vacation bible school, building small houses, treating the medical needs of the people and the list goes on.

Would you come and be a part of this?

Please take a look at this video I think it will better help you to understand what’s going on.