Harlingen Short-term Facility


Harlingen mission facility is a very humble mission center. This was originally an old public school. We converted it into our mission center. It has a chapel where our full-time missionaries have church services on Sunday morning. The chapel is a place you can also minister to your people. We also have a conference room, it’s good for planning and debriefing. We have 2 girl and 2 boy dorms, 2 small leadership dorms – 105 beds total. Fully equipped kitchen facility to feed your team or it is possible to visit the local restaurants about 2 miles from our facility. The kitchen, dorms, chapel and conference room are all well air-conditioned.

The grounds are very beautiful with lots of trees, flowering plants and a very special walk where you can take your team out minister to them. The walk is 120 foot X 300 foot landscaped cross on the back of the property. You will find fourteen stations as you walk the paths of the cross. You will find setting areas, fountains and at night it is all lighted up. This area is meant to be a place to find peace, quietness, to pray and do devotions. We also plan on doing many of the share times the groups have during their visit with us. We believe this area is going to be one of those special places you will remember from your mission’s trip to Way of the Cross. We have several full time missionaries living on this facility. So someone is always handy if you need us.