In 1995 we had out grown our 27,000 square foot warehouse on Taft Street. We were running into and over each other at our that location. We were stacking supplies outside on the ground. It was hard to just keep up with the trash. We were located behind the police station and continued to get calls asking us to get things under control. In 1996 we tried to buy two different buildings believing they would meet our needs. After praying long and working hard, we would prepare an offer to submit and at that moment the building would sell for more than we were prepared to offer. When we were about ready to give up. A realtor came by asking to show us this huge building on “F” street. The building was built to be used as a citrus processing plant. It had been sitting empty for some years and from the outside you certainly could see why no one had been anxious to buy the building. After seeing the building we totally rejected it and when we would show the building to other interested people, it just seemed like no one could get excited.

Our Father in His own way and in His own time put the building into Ben’s spirit and kept drawing him back to F street. He began to lay the building on the heart’s of the staff. Well to make a long story short, in late December, 1996, the building was bought. People who had initially rejected the building started calling offering financial support to make the purchase.

We made an offer with a small amount down and payments over three years and the offer was accepted with a closing within a month. Everyone began to pray and without sending out one newsletter or request for funds the funds began to arrive and at closing God furnished the money to buy the building out right. Your faith should not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power on God” (1 Cor. 2:5).

The building is 200,000 square feet with dock high doors and fencing around the building. Everywhere you looked there was a need for repairs but what a building. 50,000 square feet is single story warehouse space with 20 foot high ceilings. This area now has pallet wracks that holds pallets three high. The wiring is three phase and in working order. We began to work by cleaning and painting the inside. We are using the 50,000 square feet for medicine, medical supplies, food, clothing and printed materials that we share with over 1200 other ministries in Mexico and 15,000 individuals that come for assistance and live on the US side of the border.

The other 150,000 feet is three stories. rest room facilities with showers, kitchen facilities and much needed office space. This part of the building needed a tremendous amount of work. Windows were broken out, the plumbing and wiring had to be gone through and repaired, and the roof needs to be replaced in areas. Everything needed to be washed down with a power washer and paint applied inside and out.

Our first job was to make the building secure. We blocked in all the necessary openings that people were using to get inside the building. We have replaced many windows and added some others. The outside has been 80% painted. We are waiting and praying that the Lord will send the help and the finances to finish the job. We are 90% finished with a new chapel inside the warehouse that is used on a daily basis. The offices are almost complete and what a blessing as we now have enough space to house the office personnel. We have added a school for the missionary students.

Today this facility is used everyday. Starting each work day with a time of praise and worship for staff and visitors so if you call our office from 8:30 am till 9:30 am don’t be surprised when no one answers the phone. Chapel services are held each morning for those who come for assistance with food, clothing, medicine and medical attention.

Who would have ever believed that when Ben and Jeanne started Way of the Cross in their garage this is where we would be today. Preaching the Gospel, providing food, clothing, medical attention and medicine around the World. We would have never guessed that in one week in 2005 we would see over 50,000 individuals come to know Jesus. We are still in awe of the Lord as He allows us to serve Him each day. Everyday we are thankful to the Lord for the beautiful facilities He has provided and for the way He has and continues to take care of us. It is just one of the reasons why Way of the Cross is one of the most exciting ministries in the World.