Where: Near Shiloh Base Camp, Las Conchitas, Nicaragua

When: Any Time


Construction Teams Needed!


We need your hands in 2017! During the summer of 2016 we noticed a new community of poorly built homes not far from our Nicaraguan base camp. The people living there were given the land by the government, but they have no means to construct safe homes for their families.

The structures they live in are built with tarps and broken pieces of tin and they struggle daily to keep what they have safe from wind and rain.

Throughout 2017 we would like to show the love of Jesus by building small, safe houses for the people of this community. We will construct 12’x20’ homes out of cinderblock with tin roofs and make it possible for them to build on in the future.

The cost of materials will be $2,200. We need individuals and groups who can use their hands for the Lord and change the lives of these people. If you cannot come but would still like to give financially, we can send you photos and information about the family you helped.

Projects available throughout the year – we can work with you on the dates!