Genesis Project 2018

Greetings in the name of the Lord,

Once again Way of the Cross Ministries is hosting the Celebrate Jesus Festival. It is going to be held in the same location in Brownsville at the 77 Flea Market on November 12. We are hosting it in the same location because we had a tremendous amount of people come from the flea market from both the US and Mexico and we believe we’ll have even more this year.
The harvest was tremendous in 2015 and I believe it will be even bigger this year. We have been given permission from the Gomez family to use the property again at no cost. It’s wonderful watching the body of Christ come together to proclaim the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ in a powerful way. Will you help again?
I understand your time is very valuable and it is hard to go to a lot of meetings, so for you that will be participating, the meeting time has been cut considerably.
We have two questions for you:
Question 1: Is your church or organization going to be part of Celebrate Jesus Festival this year?
Question 2:  If you are going to be a part of Celebrate Jesus this year, do you know what you’re going to be doing and if your band is going to play music?
If you answer yes to both of these questions, we will do our best to keep you informed by email or Facebook on what is happening. If you are going to be participating, we need you to make two of the following scheduled meetings.

Meeting number 1 Tuesday, October 18th, 10 AM
Meeting number 1 Saturday, October 22nd, 10 AM
Meeting number 2 Tuesday, November 1st, 10 AM
Meeting number 2 Saturday, November 5th, 10 AM
As always we will have Evangecube training and we need volunteers to help pack groceries in the warehouse.  Your team could start volunteering as early as you would like.  We have a lot to get done.  We already have a great amount of food donated for this event – rice, beans, most of the drinks, we have both new and used clothing available, we are praying for candy and also for toys to give away.
We need to believe God for a great harvest this coming November. If you do not answer this email will do our best to give you call.
Thank you,

Benjamin M Butler
Director Way of the Cross International, Phone 956-793-9801 or 956-226-3702 (Spanish)

Please fill out the sign-up form and email it to us at